Coffee with Mommy

Reblogging it as a dedication to my mom… it

Musings and Mug of Coffee

My mom is always my best friend. She was my mother till I reached my high school. After that, she made a point to be my friend first. I shared everything with her, like every single thing.

I was one of the weirdos of my class but she always boosted my morale by saying that I was different enough not to fall for the teenage peer pressures and tantrums. I was a quiet introvert.

She gave the greatest gift I could ask for. She always believed in me and my caliber. She was that mother who always tied my hair to school till I graduated, the mother who made a point to listen to every single story of mine.

Every evening after school, I used to sit in my favorite spot in the kitchen and tell all that happened in school. She hugged me tight when I cried and she…

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Mornings – what’s the healthiest to drink first?

Guess I should get over with my coffee addiction too.. What an irony!! My blog is named Coffee…

simple Ula

 There are early birds who have no bigger problems with waking up in the morning and there are night owls who struggle to keep their eyes opened after they wake up (that’s me).
No matter which one you are, there are some drinks which help you get through the morning in the healthiest way.


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