Who Wants To Talk? 

Wow!! this is was so good that I couldn’t help but reblog…

Sugar nd' Spice

As a child, growing up was my worst nightmare. I believed adults were terribly unfortunate people because the adults around me always seemed to have issues that made them unable to smile or love.

I wanted a pet cat, but my parents said no because it’s a popular (and quite silly) belief among Nigerians that cats are possessed. And so are the kids next door. And all of our relatives in the village.

And my mum kept trying to make me into an adult as soon as possible. I wasn’t allowed to play like the other kids, or watch cartoons or do kids stuff. I didn’t want to be her- I didn’t want to be any one of them. They were always complaining, everything made them angry, the government, a superior at work, their spouse.

I’m an adult now. I got home really really tired today and tried to watch…

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