A Sunday at cafe

A usual Sunday. I spend my time lazing around. That’s when it hit me. HUNGER. I took my purse and thought of grabbing a packets of Lays. On the way, I saw a small cafe, a bit more than cafe. But less than a restaurant.

I went in and ordered something to eat. The atmosphere was really different with graffiti on three of the dark purple walls and the fourth yellow wall had purple hand prints. I sat on one of the tables and stared at the cozy neighborhood.

My usual teastall had its share of customers buzzing around. A grandmother and her grandson lazed in the garden of their house. The kid was wildly gesticulating and describing stories as his grandmother laughed along with him.

The juice shop had couples immersed in their own world while a girl was busy arguing with the tailor about the clothes in the nearby shop. A typical Sunday afternoon..

That’s when she caught my eyes. In a red shirt and saffron dhoti, she walking going from shop to shop collecting money. She had three big nose rings and two pairs of big fat anklets on both legs.

The most outstanding feature in her entire appearance was her hair. She was half bald. That’s when I realized that she was a transwoman. I kept watching her as she went around shop to shop collecting money.

Being in a place where they are ousted from the society, I felt really sad and was troubled by the thought that they were kicked out of their own houses because of this.

They beg at traffic and in shops. Nights, they spend bus stations and railway station with other men. No woman be it trans or cis, would wantedly do that for money. It’s just because they don’t get a proper acceptance from fellow humans.

From what I have seen, people dread seeing them and start walking in the opposite direction or walking faster when these people approach.

A memory surfaced  in my mind. During the new year in 2016, I and one of my friends were hanging out in the one of the busiest market places in the city, early in the morning. Suddenly we saw a transwoman approaching us.

She was very beautiful and was all decked up. If it wasn’t for her signature clapping of hands, I wouldn’t  have realized that she was one. My friend said, “come fast”. And started pulling my hand. I was frozen thinking what to do and decided to reach for my purse.

But she surprised me by rushing towards me and hugging me. She wished us happy new year and happily continued walking past us. That is when I understood that she was wishing everyone on the road.

And I was the only one who she hugged. Maybe she mistook my hesitation as a small offering of friendship and humanity. There was much warmth and love in her hug that I couldn’t do anything but hug her back. At that moment, I decided to change myself and start accepting them for whoever they are.

That’s when realisation dawned upon me. They just needed the society’s approval. Maybe a smile. That would give them the hope that people might not be that bad after all and they will be accepted in the society.

If they don’t appeal to you, don’t show them hatred. How about seeing them as just a human being? I feel happy when I see government taking initiative giving them jobs. Why don’t all of us embrace them as they are?



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