What happens when you are hit on by same gender

Disclaimer: Each and Every line in this post is true. Not a single word is imagination or exaggeration. If it sounds similar, its because these incidents are true to every single word.

I was living in a city in the Indian peninsula. Own job, living on my own in a house full girls, just like me. I stayed like some 15 kilometers away from my office. But the city was well connected that it just took half an hour to office in public transport.

But of course, travelling in public transport means different people and being a girl, there is a fear of being touched inappropriately. There were different tactics I used while travelling in bus. Like pushing the elbow out, carrying a backpack to office etc etc.

But Never have I faced any kind of harassment in buses. So, one fine day, like one year back, I was coming back from meeting my friends. The bus was filled with people and I had no choice but stand.

So that fine day, I luckily was in between a bunch of girls, ladies, elderly women. I thanked my stars, until, the bus stopped at the next stop. An old woman aged around 50 or 55 came and stood next to me.

Out of respect, I moved aside. She moved closer. Then out of blue, she started moving her hand from my shoulder to the point which was even lower than my lower back. I was like “Whaaaaaat??? That was weird.. Wait, it will be a mistake. Don’t overthink, Amy”

I stayed calm, but she repeated that again. I controlled my self “Don’t burst out.. No No… don’t even go there!!! It’s ok, she won’t repeat it..”. There she goes again. I was in a situation of “WHAT, ON THE EARTH, AM I SUPPOSED TO FEEL?”

After she happily repeated it one more time, I just used my tactic. I pushed my elbow out. Any guesses where I punched her, keeping in mind she was short… After that, God alone knows where she scooted off.

So, the next day, I went for work and returned early. The bus had very less little people that usual but all the seats were filled with no one standing. At a particular stop, two girls got in. And as anyone traveled in Indian Public transport knows how people stand in the bus.

So, these girls got in and stood near me, so close that I had to turn my head to avoid looking at awkward places, but then that is the usual happening. I had placed my hand on the railing above the seat in front of me.

Suddenly one of the girls kept her hand on the railing. Nothing weird, right? Then she moved her hand a bit closer. Still, nothing weird. Then she touched my hand with hers.

As a knee jerk reaction, I moved by hand farther. But then, she repeated it again. Not once, twice. And the last time, her hand was definitely on mine. I lost my cool and started freaking out. “WHAT WAS HAPPENING WITH ME? WAS IT ALL MY IMAGINATION?”

I was relieved when those girls got down in the next stop. I just peeped to have a look at their faces. I got a shock when I found myself looking at what was their version of seducing smile.

Was I emitting some aura that I am interested in girls in those two unforgettable days??? I have no idea and I may never know. Dear girls. I have no problem in your orientation but keep away from me.

This is not faced by girls alone. One of my guy friends faced it from his own room mate. I won’t go into much detail respecting his privacy. The sad fact is the feeling of being violated is the same. But it sounds funnier and we also have a good laugh at it.

I don’t have any problem with anyone’s orientation and I am not exclusively homophobic. But people, before you openly hit on people of your same sex, ensure that they have same orientation. And to my friends who are against this, “World is strange”.



One thought on “What happens when you are hit on by same gender

  1. good post!
    i haven’t faced dis kinda situation,but i could relate to yours ,as it has happened with my friends at hostel and as you say ,it is kinda hard to believe all this.things happen that are strange and unpredictable nowadays .


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