A smile for everyone

​People say that children are incarnations of God. Why do they say that? I believe it’s because of their innocence and happy approach to life. It is greatly saddening to see their happy little faces smeared with hardships of life from a very young age.
Today, I came across a kid aged 5 or 6 on the road, as I was crossing the road. She had a beautiful and naughty smile that brightened up my day. But sadness lingered somewhere in her eyes. She was carrying a shovel that was twice as long as her. Accompanying her, was her mother and sister, both of them carrying some load. The little girl was wearing a torn shirt and a too small trouser. But nothing diminished the brightness of her smile.
After that brief smile, she continued as if it was her daily routine. She made me realize in what a better world I was in. She made me look at my life in a different perspective.
Seeing her reminded me of another incident. I and my friends once went to a village near Pondicherry to celebrate mother’s day and there was one young girl, a shy one. We cut a cake to commemorate the occasion and was distributed among the kids and asked to share with their own mothers. This young girl was also given a piece.
Seeing her eat it alone, I asked her to share with her mother. She smiled and continued eating. Then I asked her to take me to her home to meet her mother. She took me home and pointed into her home and said “my mom is inside”. That little home was empty. Then I realized she doesn’t have a mother. It was a moment of epiphany for me.
How privileged are many of us compared to others? Not just that, these are kids who are many times younger than us. They have learned the hardships of life, at a very young age, when they should have enjoyed and immersed in the joys of childhood.
Let’s just spare a moment to smile at those kids who are beyond our help. Maybe that smile is the only good thing they may have the whole day.

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