Why Blogging???

Writing a blog is like having to test your patience, your will power and your creativity in the sands of time. As I was sitting and thinking about what to write next, I thought how about brainstorming about some reason as to why we blog or love to blog…

Why Should we blog? At least a small per cent of people might think, blogging is nothing but it’s just going on about spilling your thoughts all over the place. Well, I can give you a list of things about why we should blog

Peace of mind

Don’t you get that buzzing feeling when all the thoughts are zooming across your brain. It does have a calming effect when you push them out. Gossiping, Rambling and, Whining are, of course, sure shot to get them out of your system. But it may earn you a bad name. But when you blog, people call that a hobby or a gift.

Spell it out right

Do you know what is the most annoying part of texting? People swallow letters. Just becomes jus, right becomes ryt. I stared in wonderment when my brother messaged me LMAO, TTYL. What are those suppose to mean? Okay, I get it. They might be time savers or shows swag. But come on, one need to know to write official mail. So why don’t blogging be a platform to practice in public?

Are you kidding me?

Yes, we get to ask this question a lot. Through blogging, we get to share a lot of ideas and thoughts of people across the globe. It’s more like a platform to share your ideas. But no, not like comments section in social media. At least, we get to know different ideas outlook on various topics in a civilized way, without much publicized shouting match.

Language is not a barrier

Language is not at all a barrier. You get to write in many languages. Maybe, in countries like India, where there are like 22 official languages and over 1600 dialects, it’s a common bonding platform in English.

How about a drop of fame

Blogging helps you to build up an audience. And with all the luck, you may even end up being famous.

Hobby that won’t empty pockets

It’s like having a hobby that you can brag about and is very affordable. In platforms like wordpress and blogger, you can even do it free.

Information, anyone?

It’s an interesting way to get information. Much more interesting that Wiki pages. More colorful and less official languages. It’s quite appealing as it keeps people more interested to keep on reading.

Makes one more perspective

We just get to understand how people are different. How the way people thinks can be different. How different opinions can come up on same topic. It makes us realise how colorful the minds of people are. Certainly, makes us more perspective and open minded.

Good Will promotion

Blogging certainly can be about some very interesting topics as well as of topics that needs to be discussed as part of social cause. Like creating awareness of bad situations faced by people in certain parts of the world. Awarness about diseases, how to prevent, how to cure them. Blogging can be enlightening


The world is becoming more competitive day by day. Knowledge is good. But if you have a blogging platform where you share and showcase the knowledge you have, it’s going to take you places and give you preference which certifications alone couldn’t do.

Guys, when I first started writing this post, I thought of making it a fun post. But as I wrote, I realized and appreciated more, about how serious the approach to blogging can be. So stop binge watching Netflix for an hour a day, start a blog account and start writing and posting.. Happy Blogging!!!!


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