A cold Coffee and random thoughts

Is it normal or abnormal? I have no idea. My fight with the scales started from the time I was born. This train of thought started as I sat sipping my cold coffee in my room.

I have read many posts titles ‘Problems only chubby girls know’ or ‘Problems that skinny girls face’. But you know what… Welcome to the world of girls like me, the ones who is confused whether we are chubby or normal.. or rather girls with ‘HIGH BONE DENSITY’.. 

PS: on further googling, I found that this is a medical condition… I swear I dont have that…

I was born with unbelievable reading on scales for a tiny baby. My father lovingly called me a ‘Baby RAT’… who later in an year became a squishy ball of baby fat.. Thus, I officially started my life long battle with scales..

Once I became a freshman in school, I was an athlete, martial arts student.. also in most cultural events, I was a part. Quite thin for my age.. That was when we were called for health check up for the semester.. the day I dreaded.. Because I was sure that the scales would do its trick again.. 

I was made to step on the weighing scales again and again and again… until my class teacher was convinced that her eyes weren’t deceiving her.. I was the hot topic behind the secret doors of girls restroom..

On top of all this, I lagged in my workout.. I grew.. both horizontally and vertically.. I couldn’t care less.. I found a new love.. my love for eating..

By the time I graduated from school, I was the ‘CUTE CHUBBY GIRL’…

I entered the next phase.. the college life with all the colors.. Alas, I got another nick name.. ‘The HOT FAT CHILI’..

Awww… how cuter can it get…??? Then again jackpot struck.. or maybe not.. I had a drastic fat loss.. Please note : not weight loss..

People were in awe about how I became thin in two months.. they asked for my weight loss secret.. gym routine.. Well, the truth was I went, rather hung out in the gym for one month.. I had realized long back that exercise and me never get along together.. 

Girls, being girls, obviously discuss about these.. even after these many years, I was easily the most densest of the lot… No one would ever believed me when I told my ‘so called scale reading’.. not even my best friend…

Sometimes I wonder what if my future husband wont be able to carry me, when I faint..?Like the fairy tale scenes you see in movies… Hmmm.. I have come in terms with truth that my dream prince on horse will be most probably unable to do that..

My fight with scales is a never ending battle. My reading on scale will never go below a particular value, no matter how I try.. So I put a happy ending to this, by being happy with who I am. After all, I am not that bad looking… (wink wink)


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