Coffee with Mommy

My mom is always my best friend. She was my mother till I reached my high school. After that, she made a point to be my friend first. I shared everything with her, like every single thing.

I was one of the weirdos of my class but she always boosted my morale by saying that I was different enough not to fall for the teenage peer pressures and tantrums. I was a quiet introvert.

She gave the greatest gift I could ask for. She always believed in me and my caliber. She was that mother who always tied my hair to school till I graduated, the mother who made a point to listen to every single story of mine.

Every evening after school, I used to sit in my favorite spot in the kitchen and tell all that happened in school. She hugged me tight when I cried and she cried along with me. She could never see my eyes filled with tears.

She never advised me or asked me to switch off the television when I was watching it. She told me the consequences of each of my choice before I took a  decision of my own. Once I asked her why she never advised me. Her reply was surprising.

She said “From a young age, you have been that child who takes her own decisions no matter what others say or think. You do what you think is right. So I just made sure that you don’t take any wrong decisions.”

She made me grow up into the young independent woman that I am today. My brother often says that I am strong headed and a person who calls a spade ‘a spade’. But I guess that I turned out how my mother wanted me to be.

She is always that mother who is the favorite of her kids’ friends. She is a wonderful teacher who helped many students not to take the wrong path. She is the mother who never gave up even after her husband was no more.

My mother was just 42 when my father passed away. She started the life back again from scratch. She learned how to drive a car and bought a new car with her own money. She stays alone in a huge buzzing city in a great apartment which she keeps herself spick and span.

She is a mother who fights for a chocolate and loves hogging sweets. She is a mother who loves shopping for her kids. She is the mother who loves sending gift packages across seas for her kids.

Apart from being a mother, she is an individual of her own who is a great dancer, an artist who draws, who makes lovely craftworks from nothing. She designs dress and I wore them proudly to college. She has a huge heart and a sweet smile for everyone.

She makes sweets and goodies during festivals and gives to our neighbors and shopkeeper boys in our area. She is an intelligent maths teacher, who made many students pass high school with flying colors.

But the only negative point of my mother is she never realizes her strength and what a great human being she is.

So for this mother’s day, I want her to know that she has made difference in lives of many people and I am very fortunate to have been born as her daughter. Love you Ma..


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