A day out of your comfort zone

Pre-planned outings, packing all required stuff, water bottles, snacks, lugging around backpacks. Whew!! I have never stepped out of my comfort nest without prior preparation or planning. Even if it is to a local park, Nah!! I plan it at least a day before.

So, as usual, I planned a lunch date with my brother one week prior. Looked into the best hotels, different cuisines, available taking his opinion on everything, from the ambiance to the kind of food he wants. All set.. we even decided the place to go afterward…

Staying in cities alone, away from the family had made me a bit paranoid and prevented me from being the free bird I always dreamed of being. The stuff we see on news had certainly got on my nerves.

The D-day arrived. We had actually created a comfort zone of hanging out in a mall quite more often. So I was excited of trying out this new place to eat out. All set. As usual, I waited at McDonald’s near my place.

Then out of blue, we decided to go to a lake nearby. Even though it was quite close, I never even thought to find out its location. At the end of fifteen minutes and some wrong turns later, we reached the lake. We bought ice creams and then I saw that…

A chance to spend time on boats in the lake. To be truthful, I was impulsive for a moment. I pulled my brother and paid the entry fee for two. That’s when a truth dawned on me. We were just going to be two people in the ‘boat’.

While putting on the life jacket, my brother confessed that he was scared. I wasn’t in a different place. Two minutes later, as we rowed away from the lakeside, I felt free from outside world, job pressures.. actually human life as a whole.

As we rowed towards the middle of the lake, what I thought to be the other side of the lakeside, turned out to be a small resting island in the middle of that lake. We anchored our small boat on the banks of that island and clicked many pics while a huge albatross soared above our heads.

We saw kingfishers swooping into water to catch their meals, ducks, swans, cranes  and other migratory birds flying about freely and waddling acroos the water. We stupidly rowed in circles over and over again to catch a shell floating on water surface. We raced the ducks swimming ahead of us. We really had a stupid crazy time on the boat.

All our worries and fears lay sunbathing on the lakeside while we had the times of our lives on that tiny little boat on the lake. With heavy but happy hearts, we paddled back to the shores as out alotted time neared to an end.

As we had our coffees that evening, I realized the truth in the saying “Life begins ouside our comfort zone”. It is not much according to adventure travellers. But to normal people and cautious travllers like me it was certainly a beginning.

Dear readers, If you want to grow, then you must certainly think out of your box and get out of your comfort zone. That is when you feel the whole world is a playground laying out in front of you to play.


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