Day One

As the title says, this is my first day on my blog. But I won’t say that this is my first blog. I had two previous blogs. First one, I don’t remember the name. But while writing the second one, I thought I must take the writing passion seriously.

But long before that, on July 15, 2016 (Yeah, I remember the date), I decided to resign my high paying corporate job and submitted the resignation in next 15 minutes. Yes, the same girl who begged her mom to let her get into the same job. I am not a quitter. But I struggled for 2 years in a world where I was a perfect misfit.

But one thing that everyone told me was I had a smile always on my face whatever the scenario is. And that was the only thing that made me strong enough to stay for two years. I came to the breaking edge after continuously working for 14 days for 13 hours each day.

That was the day I decided, I don’t belong here. I had already reached a situation when I completely forgot the person who I was and lost interest in reading. The only aim at the end of each day was to sleep and to pray that clients won’t ask to work at early hours of the morning.

When I told my seniors that I had resigned, I expected to rebuked and scolded for my decision. But what surprised me was, except for a person or two, everyone congratulated me for the ‘bold decision’. Many personally told that it takes a lot of courage to finally submit resignation with no aim to remain in the same field or any other particular aim.

It was 7 months and 21 days ago when I finally submitted by ID at the HR office and walked freely with a peaceful mind from the big corporate world I was a part of.  ‘What next?’ was obviously a big question. But “never back to the corporate world” echoed in my head.

But one question remained. Why do people remain in a place where they know that they don’t fit? Is it the comfort zone it creates? Is it because after a certain age people are scared to go after their dreams, not unlike the times when we were young and run after our favorite things?

But, Why? Have you thought about it? Let me know your thoughts while I finish my first cup of coffee with this post.


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