This is dedicated for my friend who is going through an insufferable loss.. My heart goes out to you.. Come back strong..


Why Blogging???

Writing a blog is like having to test your patience, your will power and your creativity in the sands of time. As I was sitting and thinking about what to write next, I thought how about brainstorming about some reason as to why we blog or love to blog… Why Should we blog? At least…

A cold Coffee and random thoughts

Is it normal or abnormal? I have no idea. My fight with the scales started from the time I was born. This train of thought started as I sat sipping my cold coffee in my room. I have read many posts titles ‘Problems only chubby girls know’ or ‘Problems that skinny girls face’. But you…

Paper Cup Coffees

Paper cup coffee.. this title came up in my mind as I was half asleep. I could only tag one person to this word.. who was it??

Coffee with Mommy

I don’t think that mother’s day is the only day we have to thank our mothers. But today, I am writing this as a dedication to my mother..

A day out of your comfort zone

Pre-planned outings, packing all required stuff, water bottles, snacks, lugging around backpacks. Whew!! I have never stepped out of my comfort nest without prior preparation or planning. Even if it is to a local park, Nah!! I plan it at least a day before. So, as usual, I planned a lunch date with my brother…

Day One

As the title says, this is my first day on my blog. But I won’t say that this is my first blog. I had two previous blogs. First one, I don’t remember the name. But while writing the second one, I thought I must take the writing passion seriously. But long before that, on July…