Being born in UAE means, nothing surprises you anymore. Standard of life is high. You get to meet and mingle with so many diverse nationalities to an extent that is unparalleled elsewhere. These days, Dubai is synonymous to UAE. What people don't know is its rich culture and heritage. What most outsiders don't know is... Continue Reading →

Daughters of India

March 12: 20 year old burnt to death in Thiruvalla, Kerala because she turned down her lover. March 26: 7 year old raped and killed in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. March 30: 27 year old starved to death by her husband and mother in law for some weird inconceivable reason. April 4: 22 year old burnt... Continue Reading →

A phone call to the past

Somewhere in the past: A Nokia C2 - 01 rings. An annoyed me picks the call. Me(past): hello. Who is this? Me(future): Don’t freak out. But, it’s you from future. Me(past): Is this some kind of prank? Look, I don’t have time. I need to prepare for my exams. Me(future): I know it’s your television... Continue Reading →

Did Dursleys Hate Harry Potter?

The relationship between Harry Potter and his relatives were a very strained one. Throughout the book, they showed that they couldn't care less. But did they actually not care? Harry was left at their doorstep at the age of one. Which means he was basically a helpless little baby, as the same age of Dudley.... Continue Reading →

Fan theories about The Weasley Twins

If you asked me to choose my favourite character from the Harry Potter series, after Hermione , it would be, hands down, the Weasley twins. Being born on April 1, the April fools day, they were the greatest pranksters Hogwarts had ever seen, giving the Marauders a run for their money. Many fans love fan... Continue Reading →

How to convert a perfectly secular state to a religiously polarised one, in 10 steps

Snippets Of My Delirium

Step 1 : The Central government (NDA) influences their court stooge of a Chief Justice (& Co) to give a positive verdict on Sabarimala case. The ban on temple entry to women is struck down (which also aligns with the fundamental rights of a citizen, and hence doesn’t raise any eyebrows constitutionally as well). Supreme Court Chief Justice retires immediately after.
Step 2 : BJP makes Trupti Desai & Co declare their imminent arrival to Sabarimala.
Step 3: Believers across the state tremble in fear for the bachelorhood of Lord Ayyappa. #Readytowait floods the social media. ‘Save Sabarimala’ banners decorate FB profile pictures.
Step 4 : Rahul Easwar & Co starts their TV battle to “save Ayyappa” from the untouchables – ‘menstruating women’.
Step 5 : BJP starts protesting on the streets against the verdict, “to save their god” (as absurdly funny as it sounds!).
Step 6 : The large Hindu population…

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